Stamped Light Switch Covers

by Monica Resinger

We remodeled our bathroom a couple years ago, and when it was time to choose our switch plate covers, we were overwhelmed with the variety and prices of them. We wanted out-of-the-ordinary light switch covers but didn't want to pay the price. Besides, we couldn't find any that matched our decor out of all that variety!

So, we purchased plain, unfinished wood, switch and outlet covers and I painted them to match our decor. We did our bathroom decor in jewel tone colors with brass accents so I decided to paint the light switch covers in dark blue with gold stars. We love the "custom-made" look of the covers, and it was very easy to accomplish. Below, you'll find step-by-step instructions for how to do this.

Before beginning this project, decide on the color and design of your covers. Try to include colors and design elements that are already in the room and then go purchase your materials.


unfinished wood light switch and outlet plate covers
acrylic paint in your choice of colors
small foam stamps of your choice
spray clear acrylic (optional)

The covers can be found in do-it-yourself stores, while the remainder of items can be found in craft stores or craft sections in retail stores.


Prepare a work surface by laying newspaper down on a large area and then...

  1. Base coat the cover with the color of your choice. You will probably need at least a second coat, maybe a third. Let each coat dry before applying the next.
  2. Stamp on your design. First, plan your design, then practice stamping. To do this, using a small paintbrush, paint the acrylic paint onto the stamp then press onto paper firmly, being careful not to turn it. Once you are comfortable with the feel of it, then go ahead and stamp your design onto the base-painted switch cover.
  3. If desired, spray with clear acrylic for protection and easy cleaning. This is best done outside on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Let dry and then put the covers on as usual (a good job for hubby).

There are many other ways you can decorate these. You can sponge paint them, paint on free-hand designs, decoupage, etc. This is just one idea to get your imagination going. Have fun with it.

Monica Resinger is a loving wife and doting mother of two who enjoys gardening, painting, dancing and homemaking.
You can check out some of her other articles at

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