Lots of Pots

by Marlene Alexander

The gardening section of my favourite local dollar store has a good selection of plastic planters of varying sizes to help dress up the deck, along with the ever-popular clay pot, in an assortment of sizes both plain and fancy. And who says you always have to plant flowers in a flowerpot?

Here, we've used a 3 1/2" painted clay pot as a napkin holder that, barring gale-force winds, should help to keep your serviettes from escaping all over the neighbourhood. Use this idea indoors, as well. One of these clay pots, inverted, makes a great candlesnuffer for those citronella torches so you can save your breath. Heck! You might even just want to fill them with earth and put sunflower seeds in them. Whatever you want these pots for, they're dirt-cheap at two for a dollar.

If you keep your eyes open, you can sometimes find attractive paper napkins in the dollar store. They come in packages of twenty for a dollar.

In the springtime, gardening supplies branch out to help fill the spaces reserved for seasonal. It was in one of those places that these attractive faux stone mini planters were found. The taller ones are 6" high and the rectangular ones are 3 and 3/4" high. They come in a variety of styles and are perfect for adding a bit of oomph to a garden corner. Because of their diminutive size, you can continue to enjoy these planters indoors when winter threatens.

These little clay pots were two for a dollar and could be just the hint of summery color a room needs. Cheer up your favourite houseplants by giving them a new home for the season or simply stack three of these fun pots together and display them in an otherwise drab corner of a room.

Marlene Alexander is a writer living in Ontario, Canada. For more on dollar store shopping, visit her website at DollarStoreStyle.com.

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