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My Story: Save Money on Milk

contributed by Babette

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Here's a surefire way to save money on milk. I have a husband and two boys who drink three to four glasses of milk a day, which I actually encourage. We go through a gallon a day. We could easily spend a third of our grocery budget on milk alone.

But we don't. We drink dry instant milk. Wait, don't stop reading! I know, it was nasty when our mothers tried the same trick in the 60s, but here's how to make it work so your family will never know the difference.

First, you have to get your family accustomed to skim milk before making the switch. Move in small steps towards skim milk drinking by mixing what you are currently drinking with a little more skim milk every few days or every week. Just mix in a pitcher (you'll need one or two pitchers later so go ahead and buy them). You can also mix in the pitcher and pour back into the empty jug if you have really suspicious kids.

Once they are drinking nothing but skim milk, visit your favorite warehouse club store and buy a big box of dry "instant" milk. Make sure it's instant or you will spend ages trying to get it mixed without lumps. Mix according to the directions using the gallon pitcher you now have. Add water slowly and stir gently. If you do either too vigorously, you'll get lots of frothy bubbles and then you won't be able to add the correct amount of water, adversely affecting the taste. Then place the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight. This is the most important step; it must completely chill.

I have been serving my family, and their friends, this milk for ten years now at a rough savings of $5000! I've never had a kid turn it down or notice any difference in taste. They shouldn't because it is real milk; it's simply had the water removed. Other benefits include never having to run to the store for milk and never having to stand in line for it! We always have milk on hand!

However, like all skim milk, do not serve it to children under age two. They need the fat for proper nerve development. For the rest of us, though, skim is best and using dry milk makes milk an inexpensive source of protein, a great between meal snack, and a good source of calcium. So enjoy the benefits to your health and your budget as you use this technique to save money on milk!

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