My Story: Too Much Toothpaste? Never!

contributed by CheyAnna

editor's note: Wonder what she's going to do with all that toothpaste?

  • Polish silver coffee service or jewelry. Toothpaste will remove tarnish and give a bright shine. (Don't use on pearls or opals.)

  • Fill nail holes in the wall with (white) toothpaste. This is an old college dorm trick.

  • Adhere posters to walls without damaging the wall.

  • Adhere bows in baby's hair (or lack thereof) with gel toothpaste. It washes out easily and does not pull out.

  • Take the sting and itch out of bug bites and stings. Just dab on.

  • Remove crayon from walls. Rub white toothpaste on marks with a damp cloth. Rinse cloth and remove any residue.

  • Clean under fingernails. Dab on nail brush or old toothbrush to get that gardening dirt or mechanic's grease out.

  • Clean running shoes with white toothpaste.

  • White toothpaste will give a mirror finish when grinding steel or aluminum.

  • Clear up a zit. Dab on at night to heal break-outs.

  • As a last resort, brush your teeth with it.

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