My Story: Inexpensive Home Security

contributed by Serena

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Increased Security, Small Expense

Just a few tips about inexpensive home security for a single mother:

  • Find the biggest pair of workmen style boots with mud, etc. on them and put them by the front door and get a pair for the back door as well. This looks like a big burly man lives there.
  • Get a dog. The dog doesn't have to be expensive to feed. Some will do with only food scraps and a bit of supplementary dry food. We got a big dog that had been abandoned and was fiercely protective of our family. Apparently abandoned dogs really bond with their new trustworthy owners and want to protect them even more from "bad people."
  • When you're not at home, leave a radio blaring. It's worth the little extra that you'll spend on electricity as a burglar will think people are home.
  • Don't be afraid to network with trustworthy neighbors. They're normally more than happy to help you. Keep their phone numbers handy. Let them know you'd do the same for them. Neighborhood watch can be a powerful thing.
  • Teach your girls simple self-defense techniques: poke an attacker in the eye, kick in the groin, and keep their keys threaded through their fingers to use as a weapon if they feel threatened. A simple whistle attached to their school bag can help ward off attackers. It has been found that a whistle is more effective at getting people's attention than a girl screaming. People may think a girl is just fooling around with her friends if she's screaming.

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