Ways to make a little extra money this summer

Summer Money-Makers

by Rachel Muller

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Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Looking to earn a little extra money this summer? Does your teen want to generate some extra money, but doesn't want the commitment of a full-time summer job? Here are a few seasonal money-making ideas:

  • Put an ad in the paper or put up some posters in your grocery store advertising your availability as a pet, garden, or house-sitter for people going on vacation. Ask a few friends who can vouch for your trustworthiness to be references.

  • Call your local newspaper and offer to fill in as a substitute paper carrier. Newspapers are always looking for temporary carriers in the summer.

  • Check with local landscape companies to see if they need temporary help or advertise your own lawn-cutting or yard maintenance services on community bulletin boards.

  • In tourist areas, you might be able to run a bed and breakfast from your home in the summer, or find a temporary part-time job at a motel or campground.

  • In agricultural areas, you can sign on to help out during the harvest season or at other times when temporary helpers are needed.

Keep your eyes out for the money-making opportunities unique to your community. You're bound to find something that works for you.

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