New Year's Lessons

by Tamara Wilhite

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New Year's resolutions often include "do better, be better, learn more, improve skills" and other self improvement goals. Yet, we don't all have the time and money to go back to school. The good news is that you don't have to.

  • Join a professional society in your field or job category. Attend the professional seminars offered that are often free or low cost. This is an insightful and personally useful learning experience. It can also be a networking wonder for those who also have the "get a better job" entry on their resolutions list.

  • Attend continuing education opportunities offered by your employer.

  • Consider financial, life improvement, and legal Q&A sessions offered by many community centers and libraries.

  • Read financial planning and management books from authors like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. If you can't afford to buy a copy, check it out at your local library.

  • Sales and marketing books and seminars are always useful. We all make a living in sales, even if it is selling ourselves and our skills at our annual job reviews.

No matter what the goal, we can do better without breaking the bank.

Tamara Wilhite is the author of Humanity's Edge, Natural Talent and several other books available on

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