No Heat

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
I have an 88 Aerostar that the heat doesn't work. It did come on once when I had to decelerate suddenly, but I haven't been able to duplicate it since. The air conditioning seemed to work once also, but I don't know if it is coincidental or not.

By no heat do you mean the fan is not blowing or it is just not blowing hot air?

The fan works fine, but for some reason, it just blows out luke warm to cold air. The air conditioning also doesn't seem to come through, but I don't know if it is related or not. I can live without the air conditioning, but here in the Midwest, it would be hard to get by without the heat.

Check to make sure that your coolant level is sufficient. If the coolant is too low, the first thing you lose is cabin heat. Secondly, make sure your thermostat is operating. It may have failed open (failsafe), which will save the engine but not give you any heat. Those are the easy things to check. The next would be in your climate controls. On some cars, there is a heater bypass valve that bypasses the heater core when you are operating the air conditioning. That may be shut, closed, partially blocked or the like. On some cars, this valve is called the heat selector. Additionally, your heater core may be plugged or scaled up reducing its efficiency.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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