Top 5 Low Cost Window Treatments

by Kathy Wilson

You don't need to spend a fortune to dress the windows in your home. Here are my top 5 ways to stretch your window treatment budget!

Start with the basics, and add as your budget allows. It's ok if all you have on your windows are simple mini blinds. You can add to your window treatments slowly as you can. After the blinds, try some sheers. Next, try gathered curtains. Finally, perhaps you want to add some tassels or cording as tiebacks. The best rooms evolve with time!

Look at items other than store bought curtains to cover your windows. Lacy tablecloths, flat sheets, even quilts can be used to keep out the sun, cold, or prying eyes. Cloth napkins or inexpensive tea towels can be sewn into pretty curtain panels, and simple swags of flowing fabric bought on clearance can be draped over for a beautiful valance.

Look for creative ways to hang your window treatments. Curtain hardware can be expensive when you are looking at all the windows in the average house! Try sewing loops of ribbon to the top of your curtains and hanging with cheap cup hooks, or using a dowel covered with tightly shirred fabric. A staple gun can be used, and then cover the staples with a valance. Cover a sheet of corrugated cardboard with batting and fabric for a creative cornice.

Add detail with what you already own. Sew a strip of ribbon down the edges of the curtain's panels, or add to the hem to make them drape the floor. Use narrow ribbon, yarn, or floss to create your own tassels to use as tiebacks. Costume jewelry can be pinned on to add style and grace.

Finally, keep within the style and formality of your room. Asian blinds in a country living room won't make you happy, even if you got them for free! Remember, windows are usually best kept simple to let the rest of the room shine, so use details to set them apart. And enjoy using the rest of your room budget in other places.

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. For thousands of free home decorating ideas, visit her now at

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  • Take your time decorating as your budget allows for you to do so.
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