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Property Taxes

Future Inheritance Is Expensive Now

My mother has recently gifted half of her house to me and half to my disabled sister with my older brother designated as the trustee of that half. Although my mother is technically supposed to pay property taxes as part of her lifetime rental agreement, I don't think she will be able to. We will obviously not evict her from her house, so responsibility for paying taxes and upkeep will fall to me. My mother is 85 and in good health, so it could be 10 years or more before I actually inherit the value of half the house. As my own finances are already tight, I would rather not put out my own money for such expenses. What would be the best option for paying expenses along the way, and minimizing interest expenses on any sort of a loan?

Reverse Mortgage

You might consider having your mother look into a "reverse mortgage." She can use the equity in her home to live on, without it affecting your monthly expenses. Check out the AARP sight for more information
Mary in CT

Use Mom's Money First

Your mother is receiving Social Security. Take the amount for taxes for the house right off the top each month through the bank. Your mother will have the rest for her personal expenses. Help her make adjustments to her spending if needed, but this way, she will keep her word and you will be able to handle your expenses.

If Mom keeps all of her income and if she eventually needs to go to a nursing home, all that she has will go to them before she can go on Medicaid.

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