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"Robotic" Vacuums

I would like to know what people think of the "robotic" type vacuums that you leave on and they do continuous vacuuming.
Kathy D.

Love Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for the Little Jobs

I love mine. Of course, it doesn't do deep cleaning, but it's great to use between regular vacuuming. I don't leave mine unattended because sometimes it gets stuck behind a piece of furniture or other obstacle. Also, it doesn't always find its way back home before it needs recharging.

Beware the Prep for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

They are wonderful but require a lot of prep work before you can turn them loose in a room. In the kitchen, move the pet water bowl or it will get sloshed, and put all the chairs and stools up on the table or the vacuum will get stuck in the legs. In the living room, remove all scatter rugs and flip the ends of rugs up so no fringe is available. Thick rugs will stop the robot, so you have to do those separately. I had one for a year, but all the prep work made it not as easy as I'd like, so I sold it.

Use Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Maintenance Between Deep Cleanings

I received one of the Roomba vacuums for my birthday (my request!) and I love it! We have three cats and three kids, and it is amazing how much cat hair and other dirt it picks up every day. Does it do a perfect job? No, but I only have to use the broom once on my tile each week before I mop, rather then sweeping several times a day. I would recommend this to anyone who needs some help keeping their floors maintained between deep cleanings.
Mistie in Texas

The Robotic Vacuum: My Little Cleaning Partner

I have a Roomba Discovery by iRobot. I like it, but I will list the problems I've found:

  • You can't leave it all alone because it occasionally gets stuck on things such as toilet floor bolts, furniture corners, and electrical cords.
  • You must move obstacles before turning it on.
  • It doesn't get in corners very well because of its round shape.
  • You still have to pick up big pieces of debris ahead of time.
  • It takes time to get the job done.
  • You should clean it out after each use.
  • The battery pack replacement is expensive.
  • You have to buy batteries to go into the "virtual walls" that keep the vacuum contained.
  • It is supposed to be able to find its charger and go charge itself, but mine won't do that for some reason.

However, it's sort of like having a cleaning partner. I would have to move cords as I swept anyway and pick up junk, so it's like I am the one doing that but the vacuum is doing the actual sweeping. Also, sometimes I set it to sweep one room while I sweep another with my regular vacuum, so I feel I am getting twice as much done. My kids like it because they don't have to sweep themselves. It's kind of entertaining to watch it go.
Laura from Ohio

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Good For a Quick Clean Up

I believe these vacuums are fine for a quick clean up, but they are not for deep cleaning. I find mine is excellent for cleaning under the bed, behind bookcases, etc. Also, you need to pick up electrical cords, move chairs (dining), and set boundaries (machines usually come with two). You can purchase additional boundary setters. Sometimes the setup takes longer than just pulling out your vacuum and doing a quick once over. I treat mine as a neat gadget.

Pet Owner Beware of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You might have problems with robotic vacuums if you have pets, unless they are extremely laid back. I've heard several stories from pet owners in a rescue group that I belong to about dogs getting aggressive and trying to chew the vacuums and terrified cats urinating on the carpets.
Michelle in Pennsylvania

Love My Robotic Vacuum Cleaner!

I have a robotic vacuum. It is a Karchner brand and I love it. I can program it to clean for up to six hours. It empties and charges itself, and it even has a "quiet" mode that I can use at night to vacuum while we are sleeping. It will not fall down the stairs, and it cleans hardwood floors and carpets, transitioning easily between them. It let's me "win" when it comes to keeping up with my dog and her hair. I have friends who have the "other" brand and they complain that they break easily. I have had mine for over two years without any difficulty. I have had a great experience with mine and hope it never dies.

Wait for Improved Technology Before Buying Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

I tried one in the store. It was on the floor in an area where it was running. Quickly, I pulled some of my hair from my ponytail and added it in the path. My hair is dark brown, very long and falls out easily. I also have dog hair all over my house. Thus I vacuum often. The machine in the store failed to pick up my hair on the first pass. It took a few tries to finally get it. I was disappointed. I think this machine will have to run all day while I'm at work to pick up the same stuff I could vacuum in 20 minutes with my Dyson. Yes, that means it would save me only 20 minutes of my time. I think, as technology makes progress, they will improve on this item. I will wait for the new one.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner a Waste of Money

What a total waste of money a robotic vacuum would be! I work in retail setting up displays. When I first saw the robotic vacuum, I thought it would be the neatest thing, but then I got the opportunity to get a good look at one when I had to set it up for a display. The compartment for the dirt will only hold about 1/2 cup! That wouldn't last five minutes in my house.

This might work in a house that gets regularly vacuumed once a day, everybody leaves their shoes at the door, and they have no pets or kids. If all of the above doesn't apply to you, then don't buy a robotic vacuum.

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