Leaky Auto Air Conditioning

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
I have a '96 Camaro that won't blow cold air. About a month ago, I had a repair shop check it for leaks with dye and they found none. They said that my Freon was a little low, so they added to it at the time. About three weeks later, I noticed it would take my a/c a little longer than normal to start blowing cold air. It did this a few times and then it just stopped blowing cold air completely. I returned to the shop and they told me my compressor was leaking Freon and recommended I have it changed. I followed their advice and did so. Now, a week later, I noticed the same problem happening again. The a/c took longer and longer to cool and finally stopped cooling. After all of this, I don't feel that the shop gave me accurate information about my problem, and because of it, I am out several hundred dollars. I'm hesitant to go back to the same shop because of this and I feel the compressor was not the problem to begin with. I find it rather hard to believe the new compressor would have the same problem as the old one. What could be causing my A/C not to blow cold air?
Maria R.

It sounds like there is a leak. To be quite honest, I think the shop did a shoddy job. They should have found the leak the first time. There are rules against filling an a/c that you know has a leak in it. I bet that the leak is in the evaporator coil as that is not easily seen because it has a lot of plastic covers over it. However, the ultraviolet light should have picked it up. I would take it to a different shop but try to find someone that has a better reputation.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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