Using Overdrive at Low Speeds

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I know that overdrive was designed to save gas at highway speed, but what about low speed? My grandfather never takes the car out of OD. To me, that is like driving a 5 speed manual in fifth gear all the time, which would use more gas at take off and put more of a strain on the engine. The transmission bangs and clanks and surges when he speeds up from a dead stop or from a low speed (less than 40). And when I drive the same car in the correct gear (drive in an automatic transmission) for the speed I'm traveling at, there is nothing wrong with the transmission. Please help us settle this once and for all.

Putting the vehicle in overdrive is the same as putting it into drive. The automatic transmission selects when the appropriate time is to select over drive mode. If his vehicle behaves differently at lower speeds with the transmission in overdrive than in drive, then there most likely is a fault in the transmission.
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Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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