Cast-Off Cash

by Margaret Marquis

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Parents on budgets usually know their local secondhand clothes stores very well. Buying gently-used clothes for children can be a great way to save money. However, stores that sell used goods can be a great way to make money, too! Whether you have a closetful of old kids' clothes or a box full of barely-listened-to music, here are some easy options for making money from unneeded items beyond the pawn shop:

Clothing Cast-Offs - Keep a box in your child's closet for outgrown items. As you encounter clothes that don't fit anymore, toss them in. When the box gets full, make an appointment at your local secondhand retailer to sell these items. While most stores won't buy everything you offer, keep the "rejects" in the box to be brought back and reassessed the next time. They're likely to be bought at some point when the item is in season or understocked.

Old Tunes - In this era of MP3 players, the need for keeping CDs (or cassettes, LPs or, depending on your generation, eight-tracks) for play is minimal. At least once a year, assess your music collection. If you haven't listened to a CD in that year, it's probably time to get rid of it. Most cities have secondhand music stores that cater to music buffs who have been desperately trying to get their hands on the very copy of The Osmond Family's Greatest Hits that you've been wanting to get rid of.

Finished Books - Used bookstores can be big money-makers for voracious readers who love books but don't need to re-read every beach book they own. Hard covers and out-of-print books will give you the most money, but even the most dog-eared paperback can be sold. These stores often buy movies and music, too, so don't hesitate to make this a multimedia selling experience.

Selling the things you don't need or want anymore is an easy method to cut down on clutter and is especially good for folks who don't have enough items for a yard sale or apartment-dwellers who don't have a yard in which to have a sale. Take advantage of how secondhand stores can not only save you money, but make it for you, too.

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  • Clutter taking over your home? Could you use a little extra cash? Start today going through your home to see if there are things that you don't need or want any longer that you can sell.
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