My Story: Redecorating a Bedroom on a Budget

contributed by Dorothy

I found two large draw drapes with lining at a thrift store in a pretty rose color for $31. The fabric had a pretty shiny design. I made a bedspread for my king-size bed and lined it, so I could slip a comforter inside or use it either way.

For the pillow shams, I made two king-size shams out of a floral rose fabric that a friend had given me and used some of the lining fabric for the backsides. I made another king-size pillow sham out of the rose fabric like the spread. I also made a square pillow out of the floral on one side and the bedspread rose fabric on the other side. I have two floral large pillows with the rose pillow lapping over and the square floral pillow in front of that.

I also made a round bedside table cloth from the rose fabric that goes to the floor with a lamp from a secondhand store. I hung white window sheers with a pleated valance made from the rose fabric.

I still had rose colored fabric left, so I made a slipcover for a beige chair. The rose looked so much prettier than the beige for my bedroom. I also made a slipcover from white drapes (bought from a thrift store) for another upholstered chair. I hung a 17" by 20" picture of pink and white azaleas over the bed using a thrift store picture frame. I didn't keep records, but I estimate that the complete redecorating for my bedroom was not more than $100.

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