When Cleaning Equals Energy Savings

by Tamara Wilhite

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There are times when cleaning can equal energy savings.

  1. Clean your refrigerator coils. Less dust and grime on them means improved function of the coils; hence, better energy efficiency and less electricity required to run.
  2. Clean your air filters frequently. If they cannot be easily rinsed, replace them. This reduces the amount of energy the air filter motor needs to run. The added bonus is that cleaner filters will clean your air much more efficiently, reducing allergen levels more quickly.
  3. Clean your windows from time to time. More natural light means less artificial light needed.
  4. Clean out the air ducts of your clothes dryer. The build up of lint and debris in the exhaust air duct reduces the outgoing airflow, much like a clogged up drain. The clothes dryer has to work harder and longer to dry the same volume of clothing, using up more power as it does so. Cleaning out the air duct for the dryer improves its efficiency. This also eliminates the fire hazard that the combustible debris in the air duct poses.
  5. Your showerhead, once unclogged by grime, can reduce your water usage by giving a full shower blast. And shorter showers mean less hot water used.

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Take the Next Step:

  • Take on one or more of these tasks. You'll have a cleaner home, be helping the environment, and be saving yourself some cash all at the same time.

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