Why You Need to Start a Daycare

by Fiona Lohrenz

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So, you already know what you hate. Maybe it's your thankless job, ungrateful, uncaring boss, the grinding commute for hours, not spending time with your kids and the breathtaking pain you feel when you leave them crying at a daycare every day. You feel so trapped and paralyzed by financial constraints. Yet, you can't see a way out of the rat race. Worse still, you can't shake the guilt and sorrow you feel at not watching your kids grow and develop during those formative years, not knowing what's happening to them in their little, daily lives.

Despair no more because there is a way and it is a lot more achievable than you may believe! It is possible to stay home with your kids and replace your income whilst cutting your expenses by starting your own home daycare. You ask, "But how can I possibly make enough to match my current salary?" "Basic math" is my response. Just as an example, let's start with an average gross monthly income of $2800.

Gross Income


Minus Taxes

$ 800

Minus Gas

$ 150

Minus Daycare Costs

$ 550

Minus General Expenses

$ 300

Net Income


So, bottom line, in order to replace your current income with home daycare income, you need to make $1000 per month. In order to achieve your goal, you will need two full-time children based on an average cost per month of $500 per child for daycare. Not exactly insurmountable! You can also decrease your tax bill substantially by offsetting a lot of your necessary household expenses against your business profits. Clever, fastidious bookkeeping can save you a considerable amount of money.

I have brought it down to the simplest terms so you can see exactly what being employed is costing you both spiritually and financially. Our conditioning is such that employment is the norm and those who attempt to become entrepreneurs are either dreamers or risk takers. However, now you can see how the dream of self-employment is easily within your grasp by starting a home daycare.

The benefits are immense and immediate. Quality family time becomes a given. You control your days and make your rules. You are active and having fun, doing something worthwhile to all concerned. For the right person it's a wonderful situation.

Fiona Lohrenz has been running her own daycare for the past 10 years.

Take the Next Step

  • Learn more about starting a daycare or other business in the "Earning Money, Business Ideas" section of our library
  • Take some time to consider your personality type. Do you have the temperament to run a business and give loving care to children?

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