Popping Belts

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
I have a '97 Dodge Caravan. Lately, we have had problems with the A/C and I'm pretty much at my wit's end. We have had four or maybe five belts replaced due to them popping/snapping off. At this point, I don't have any air conditioning because I don't want to pay to have a belt put on again. Could the pulley be "too tight," causing too much tension? My current technicians don't seem to have any idea and even my dad, who is a certified A/C tech, is at a loss. If you have any fresh ideas for us, we would appreciate it.

It is possible that the A/C compressor pulley is not perfectly aligned with the rest of the drive belt pulleys. I had a Saturn that had this happen. No one could figure out what happened. There was only 30,000 miles on the car. No one ever replaced anything. Then one day, it started popping belts. I replaced the belts three times. It would last for a few days and then pop it again. After very careful inspection, it was noticed that the pulley was not aligned correctly. After further inspection, it was determined that the pulley was on backwards. Since that part had been on the car since it was new (and it looked like it also), this boggled everyone's mind, including the vehicle owner.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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