Revamp Your Wardrobe

by Tricia Goss

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Is your wardrobe feeling a bit stale? Freshening up your clothing can help you feel more successful and self-confident. However, a clothes-shopping spree might not be in your budget. If you are tired of opening your closet and seeing the same old pieces, but simply cannot afford to spend cash on new clothes, consider reworking what you already own. These tips will have you feeling uplifted and ready to face the world in no time.

Dig through your stuff. Do you have boxes of clothes you have not worn in a while, items shoved towards the back of a closet or crammed into the bottom of a dresser drawer? Pull out everything you own and give it a good once-over (or perhaps even a twice-over!). There might be a cute top you have not put on in ages simply because it is missing a button, or a skirt made from fabulous fabric that just did not fit right.

Gather all of the items that need repair, and then collect whatever you will need to fix them, such as buttons or needle and thread. Keep them in a box or basket where you will notice them. When you sit down in front of the television at night or find yourself with a bit of free time, grab the box and start fixing those clothes.

Make another collection of those pieces of clothing that do not fit right or just are not your style but have an attribute you otherwise love. Find ways to use what you like about them. Maybe the sweater from Aunt Mildred is pretty awful, except for the cute pearl buttons. Remove the buttons and swap them with the plainer ones on a plainer but more preferable top for a quick, noticeable update. A bright, gossamer skirt might not suit you, but could it be snipped and hemmed into a wardrobe-brightening scarf? With scissors, a needle, thread and a little creativity, you can re-purpose those pieces into new clothing items.

Consider that cache of costume jewelry you have tucked away. Pull it out and look for fun pieces that might freshen up your wardrobe. Do not limit each item to its original purpose, either. For example, you might be able to twist a necklace into a bracelet. Try clipping a brooch onto the center of that same necklace for another new look. Have a large, fun earring whose twin is missing? Rather than toss it, re-purpose it and use it as a pin to jazz up a plain blouse or sweater.

Wear more than one piece of clothing at a time. Layering items in your wardrobe allows you to create entirely new outfits, using clothes you already own. Pair a strappy dress with a three-quarter sleeve top underneath and a big, fun belt around the waist for a fresh, innovative look. Alternatively, cover that same dress with a jacket or light sweater during cooler months for yet another contemporary style.

Raid your better half's wardrobe, too. Your hubby might have a big, button-down shirt that would look adorable with tights and a wide belt around your waist. His skinny tie on one of your favorite tops and a cute vest might be just the boost your wardrobe needed.

By looking at your current clothing pieces with a fresh perspective, being creative and investing some time, your wardrobe will get the shot in the arm it needed and you will not have to spend a dime.

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