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(NAPSA) - As more people take on do-it-yourself auto repair and home improvement projects to help save money, tools are experiencing more wear and tear. Here are a few ways of preserving and protecting tools and equipment that help you get the job done right.

Refurbish Old Tools

Tools can be fragile and cost a fortune to replace. You can extend the life of your old tools by cleaning them with mineral spirits and steel wool. In a well-ventilated area, dip the steel wool in mineral spirits, rub liberally and watch your tools come back to life. Use penetrating oil to loosen any stuck parts, remove surface rust and help get rid of gunk that can obstruct moving parts.

Store Gear Properly

Tools that are well cared for and properly maintained will be safer and have longer life spans than those left alone. Fertilizers and chemicals can quickly corrode the metal on your gardening tools, so make sure you regularly rinse equipment with soap and water, and then dry it off with a rag. Before putting tools into storage, make sure they're completely dry to prevent handle rot and rust, and use linseed oil on tool handles to help prevent them from drying out and splintering. Don't forget to keep tools organized so you can easily find them for your next job.

Keep Tools and Equipment Rust-Free

Don't let rust and corrosion ruin your valuable tools and equipment. Many people keep their tools in high-humidity areas, such as garages or basements. Instead, try storing your equipment in a cabinet or cupboard inside the house but make sure it's in a safe place where children can't reach.

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You can also use the 3-In-One® No-Rust Shield® to keep your tools and equipment rust-free and in top-performing condition. Developed by WD-40 Company and designed to be odorless and easy to use, the No-Rust Shield protects metals in enclosed spaces from rust and corrosion for up to 90 days and works great inside shop cabinets and toolboxes. Just drop it in to keep rust out. Pick one up at Wal-Mart, and learn more about the product and its availability at

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