7 low-cost ways to stay cool

Save Money, Stay Cool

by Kimberly Aardal

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Think staying cool always costs a fortune? Not so fast. You don't need central air conditioning to chill out as the mercury rises. In fact, all you really need is a relaxing rocking chair and one of these smart, budget-friendly summer solutions to stay cool:

  1. The Fan - The fan is a time-tested method for chilling out on a boiling day. When you need to lower the temperature in your home, place a fan in a door or window with the air blowing toward the outside. This actually pushes the warm air out of the house. The fan strategy works even better when other doors or windows are open because it generates a cool-as-ice breeze that helps bring down the temperature. Did you know that fans are also an ideal way to get heat relief outdoors as well? Consider installing a ceiling fan on a porch or deck roof. No suitable roof? No problem. Free-standing fans that incorporate a misting system can also chill your outdoor time. If you have a cool breeze and a comfy rocking chair, what more could you need?
  2. The Shade - Nature's own air conditioner, the shade is often a quick fix for overheated days. Slip into the shade of a big old tree or seek sun shelter under a covered patio or deck. Even a rainy day umbrella can cool things down in a pinch. Shade won't just cool your body down on a hot day; it can also cool your house down as well. By installing an awning, you banish those blazing rays that up the temperature and fade your indoor rocking chairs and other furniture into pale imitations of their former selves.
  3. The Kiddie Pool - Nothing says "cool down" on a hot summer day like the cold water of a kiddie pool. One of the most budget-friendly solutions, the kiddie pool is an inexpensive, no-fail way to stay cool. Simply place a pool filled with cold water anywhere it's convenient like on a patio, porch, or in your backyard. You can place a low lounge chair in the pool itself, or park a chair next to the pool and soak your feet in the refreshing water. The only thing left to do is enjoy the coolness as you indulge in a gossip magazine or chat with a loved one or friend.
  4. The Sprinkler - You faithfully water your lawn or garden during dry spells, so why not water yourself? Simply set up your lawn chair so the sprinkler mists your body. Your body will cool down as the water droplets evaporate from your skin. It's a instant, low-cost way to stay cool that your body will love.
  5. The Water Mister - These systems are fast becoming a go-to way to stay cool in the summer heat. Designed for outdoor use, these are an affordable solution to climbing temperatures. Whether you want to cool down a condo-sized patio or a big-time party deck, you can find water misters for any setting. Systems can also be portable, such as those that work with a fan system, or permanent, like those that are similar to a sprinkler-type system. Check out Coolingline.com or RapidCool.com to find easy-to-install and affordable water mister solutions that are right for you.
  6. The Hydration - "Drink lots of water" isn't just something doctors say to hear themselves talk. Our bodies have their own cool-down system, which is perspiration. We sweat. The sweat evaporates. The evaporation cools the body. Since we lose so much water through perspiration, it's important to keep the body hydrated. Even if you don't feel thirsty on a sweltering day, it's still important to replenish the body through hydration. Sip water throughout the day, and avoid dehydrating beverages, such as those that contain caffeine.
  7. The Slow Down - Taking it easy is a no-cost, no-tech way to stay cool. Take breaks frequently by relaxing in a lounge or rocking chair in a shady, breezy spot. Help nurture that relaxed mood by placing a damp, cold cloth on your head. Spray misters are also an ideal way to chill out. Simply fill with cold water and spritz yourself anytime you need relief.

Don't wait any longer for relief. After all, summer heat doesn't have to ruin your mood or your budget. Grab that rocking chair and start enjoying these chill-inducing strategies today.

Kimberly Aardal is a rocking chair specialist. When she's not helping others choose the perfect rocker, she chills out by hiking and exploring the mountains in her beautiful home state of Colorado.

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