What's the best way to store all those papers?

Affordable, Attractive Document Storage

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Affordable, Attractive Document Storage

Where can I purchase attractive, inexpensive document storage to keep paper work, which can be left in a living room or family room? I'd like to keep some of my records in wicker or wooden boxes, but they are outrageously expensive. Some of the others are either flimsy or hideously ugly like the "bankers boxes." I'd like to put this paper work on large shelves in an out-of-the-way, yet accessible place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Before you tell me, yes, I've purged all I can, but some I need to keep!

Just Jazz Up the Banker Boxes

I bought the hideously ugly banker boxes and covered them with wrapping paper and shelving paper that co-ordinate with my office decor. In my daughter's room, we painted two the same color as her funky walls as storage for her schoolwork. She loves the color highlight.

Store in Ottoman

How about a wicker storage ottoman or a wood storage box, such as Winsome Wood Leo Storage Baskets. You can get these at Amazon.com.

Cover Boxes with Contact Paper

Use cardboard boxes and put contact paper on them. If you redecorate, just change out the paper.

Hide Document Storage Behind Pretty Fabric

If the paperwork is going to be on shelves out of the way, maybe you could put a tension rod across the top shelf, then shirring some pretty fabric across the rod to be a curtain that hangs the length of the shelving. That way the boxes aren't seen, and you can change out the fabric when you redecorate.

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