Prescription bottles make a handy organizing tool

15 Ways to Use Prescription Bottles

guest post by Diva

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My husband takes several prescription medications, and all those empty prescription bottles can be re-purposed in some pretty useful ways. After removing the labels and washing and drying them thoroughly, try some of these ideas:

  1. They can be used to hold various sizes of coins. This is a great way to take quarters to the laundromat.

  2. Put a small object inside like a paper clip or marble for an entertaining, rattling pet toy.

  3. Keep small game pieces like dice, etc. all together when not in use and store in the game box.

  4. Use as disposable watercolor brush water cups.

  5. Transport small amounts of condiments like salt, pepper, sugar, creamer, etc. on picnics. Label with a permanent marker.

  6. Keep a few of your favorite teabags in a bottle to stash in your purse or desk at work.

  7. Make a small portable sewing or first aid kit by adding a few basic small necessities.

  8. When traveling, take a few cotton balls, put a drop or two of your favorite perfume on each one, and stuff into a bottle. Take one out each day and dab on pulse points. You can also tuck the cotton ball inside your bra.

  9. Use as a travel container for earrings and other jewelry.

  10. Organize small office supplies like paper clips, push pins and staples.

  11. Use as popsicle molds.

  12. Store a girl's small Barbie accessories like shoes (a non-childproof cap would work best for this) in them.

  13. Use as a Valentine or just-because romantic gift for your sweetie. Fill an empty bottle with conversation hearts and make a cute label instructing them to take one as needed for "love sickness" or a similarly mushy message.

  14. Keep a few coins and some rolled-up bills for emergencies in a bottle in the glove compartment.

  15. Let the kids make a tiny "time capsule" of a family vacation or other fun adventure. Collect sand and shells from a beach trip or small rocks, dried leaves and twigs from a camping trip or nature hike.

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