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There are things that you can do to aid in keeping your carpet in good condition.

Do-it-Yourself Tips:

First, blot or scrape up the excess of any spill. Be sure to preset the removal method on an area of fabric or carpet that cannot be seen. Then proceed with the spot carpet cleaning outline below for individual stains.

Butter, Cooking Oil, Crayon, Hand Lotion, Mascara, Shoe Polish, Tar: Gently apply a commercial solvent and blot carefully to absorb all the spill. Then apply a mild detergent solution. Blot up excess again. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot dry.

Blood, Catsup, Chocolate, Mud, Egg, Ice Cream, Mayonnaise, Milk, Soy Sauce: Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of ammonia and blot again. Then repeat this time with a mild detergent and blot again. Wipe gently with cloth soaked with water and blot dry.

Beer, Berries, Candy, Coffee, Fruit Juices, Mixed Drinks, Soft Drinks, Wine: Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of vinegar and the detergent once again. Blot. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot dry. If none of the recommended steps work, you might wish to enlist the services of an expert. Be aware that do-it-yourself cleaning efforts might render the stain difficult for even an expert to remove.

Water Damage Cleaning:

  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping or sweeping.

  • Wipe furniture dry and block it up to allow the base to dry.

  • Lift draperies off the carpet, loop through a coat hanger, and place the hanger on the drapery rod

  • Remove wet area rugs or other loose floor coverings

  • Open furniture drawers, closet doors, and luggage to enhance drying

  • Move photos, paintings, and art objects to a safe, dry location

  • Remove wet fabrics and dry them as soon as possible

  • Remove damp books from shelves and spread them out to dry

  • Do not use ordinary household vacuum to remove water

  • Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or wet floors

  • Do not go into rooms with standing water if the electricity is still on

  • Do not lift tacked down carpet without professional help. Lifting the carpet incorrectly could damage the backing

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