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My Story: Green Bags

contributed by Mary-Ann

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I recently decided to try the Debbie Meyer Green Bags™ for keeping produce fresh longer. I'd read many mixed comments and reviews of these bags over time, but thought I'd give them a try anyway. Well, they have paid for themselves over and over again!

The trick that makes a huge difference in the success rate is that produce has to be absolutely dry, so don't wash anything until you're actually ready to use it. Also putting a paper towel at the bottom of the bag to absorb any condensation that may form makes the biggest difference! Again, the idea is to keep things dry.

Don't close the Green Bags™ tightly or seal them with a tie or bag clip. The produce still needs to be able to breathe a little. Just folding the bags over or giving the top a very loose twist works best. For items left out on the counter, I just roll the bag down a little and leave it open. I've had great success as long as I follow those few guidelines!

I carefully wash my Green Bags™ out after each use and hang to air dry, and then I refold them and store in the box they came in until the next time I need them. I have not had to throw out any fruits or vegetables since I bought the bags about three months ago. So as I've said, they've paid for themselves!

I'm not sure how much I've saved in dollars, but now I only occasionally have to add fresh fruit or vegetables to my grocery list, as now I always seem to have enough on hand. No more waste and replace!

I'm going to be giving these Green Bags™ to friends and family for Christmas gifts with the extra tips included. At about $10 a box, it's an affordable gift for me to be able to buy, and I know that everyone will welcome a very useful, money saving gift!

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