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With the rising cost of energy bills and concerns about the environment, more homeowners are choosing efficient home heating systems in order to save money and help protect Mother Earth.

Today, the Energy Star furnaces lining hardware store shelves save homeowner's money at the register and on monthly bills, in addition to saving environment.

With this in mind, homeowners should carefully note the labels marked Energyguide attached to all furnaces while shopping for new heating systems. The Department of Energy calculates the Energyguide rating by determining the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage, or the rate efficiency for home heating systems.

A highly efficient furnace, like the Energy Star Luxaire LP9, has an AFUE rating of 98. This rating means the furnace converts 98 percent of its fuel into heat, wasting only 2 percent of fuel. A very high percentage of fuel-use to power the furnace actually heats your home, rather than fizzling off in wasted energy.

In general, gas furnaces outperform oil furnaces by a significant margin. For a more detailed comparison, the chart below compares five of the most efficient furnaces.

To explore and compare more home heating systems, check out FindTheBest's interactive guide to energy star furnaces.

Top 5 Energy Star Furnaces:

Compare All Energy Star Furnaces

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