A sale on summer plants could be just the home-decorating trick you need

Summer Plants and Indoor Décor

by Veronica Bowman

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A tight budget generally means there is little money left for home decorating projects. However, the end of the summer season provides some often overlooked, inexpensive decorative items that can be both beautiful and functional décor items. Any type of store that sells seasonal plants will have most of its summer inventory greatly reduced by late July. The opportunity to take advantage of these bargains generally lasts until late August or early September when they begin moving in autumn flowers. As an added bonus, most garden décor items such as trellises, containers and garden art are also greatly reduced. With a little creative imagination, many of these items can be re-purposed as indoor décor.

Garden centers have a selection of large tropical plants that people typically buy for their patio or deck. At the end of summer, the plants that have not been sold are reduced by at least half and maybe more. If you have a sunny living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom, you can use these gorgeous tropical plants to liven up the room. They can be used at a window as a semi-private window treatment. A dull corner can become an attractive, eye-catching area with the addition of a beautiful large tropical plant or a collection of assorted green foliage in attractive containers.

Ferns can usually be purchased very inexpensively in late summer. They make a lovely living curtain at a kitchen window. Ferns can thrive in a sunny bathroom with a shower. The humidity from the shower is beneficial to them. You might want to add some pedestal tables to your décor and place ferns on top of them. This would liven up a corner, be attractive in a foyer, or provide a decorative, semi-private division of space in a room.

If you have an open concept living, dining and kitchen area, you can use plants as a way to partition off certain areas. A large container or planter with a decorative trellis added to it is a wonderful place for growing pothos, ivy, or any climbing vine. This creates a living partition that is both beautiful and functional. A grouping of tall plants or an impressive topiary placed on an accent table can also create a visual division of space.

Many annuals can be planted in attractive containers and used to decorate a kitchen counter, dining table, foyer, or bathroom. You might be very surprised at how long some summer flowers will retain their beauty when cared for indoors.

Herbs are extremely cheap at the end of the summer. This is an excellent time to start an indoor herb garden. Growing your own herbs through the winter will allow you to enjoy some wonderfully flavored soups, stews, pasta dishes, and more without spending extra money at the grocery store.

A study by NASA confirmed that certain indoor plants actually improve the quality of air in the home. Among some of the more beneficial air purifying plants are English Ivy, Pothos, Bamboo Palm, and Boston fern. Using these as home décor items is a frugal and beneficial way to decorate your home or revitalize your current décor. You can move the plants around to create variety in your interior space. The containers you use can enhance the appearance of the room. The addition of seasonally themed bows or ribbons can make the plants an even more impressive part of your holiday or seasonal décor.

Use your frugal shopping skills to find some living beauty to add to your home décor. Search out the reduced price containers, planters, and trellises and incorporate them into your home décor. Take advantage of yard sale, thrift store, and consignment shop sales to locate outdoor décor items that can be re-purposed into interior design elements.

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