Ebook revolution reduces the cost of reading

Why Ebooks Are the Frugal Choice

by Chris Stevenson

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Books, magazines, and news have entered a digital age that is taking the worldwide reading public by storm. E-readers, the small platform reading devices, are gaining in popularity. The more expensive paper books and other forms of printed material have seen a drastic decline in popularity and sales. At no other time in history has the reading public been offered such discounts and availability of literature at reduced prices.

E-Reading Devices

E-reading devices are plentiful on the marketplace. Amazon's basic Kindle black and white e-reader costs less than $80, while their color version costs around $170. Barnes and Noble created their version with the Nook. Apple has its iPad, while Kobo created its Kobo e-Reader. Pocket Books developed its early version of the Android e-reader and then their premium PocketBook Touch. The prices of e-readers today are so competitive that it is estimated that just about every device will cost around $100 in the near future. Mike Elgan of Computer World states, "I believe that cell phones will quickly outpace the dedicated ebook readers, including the Kindle, as the platform of choice for ebook readers." He thinks the iPhone might lead the pack.

Retailers, Bookstores and Directories

Ebooks, news and magazines are just a click away on a computer or e-reader, as well as from the more sophisticated cellphones and iPads. A customer can log onto any of the many online retailers and bookstores to find books, short stories, non-fiction books, and even reports and papers. Some of the most popular retailers and book sites include Amazon, Google Book Search, Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble, and the directories like One Dollar Bookstore, eReaderIQ.com and Tradebit. The online stores have books and reading material listed by genre, price, and category, easily accessible by inputting desired data in field boxes or drop-down menus.

Purchase Locations

Amazon is the leader in competitive ebook and literature pricing, offering thousands of selections of free and affordable ebooks, many of them ranging from $.99 to $4.99. The Amazon ebook page is located here. The eReaderIQ.com directory shows price drops and free alerts on Amazon Kindle titles, with a regularly updated list. It provides keywords that allow the customer to define the reader age, language, genre and price range. OneDollarBookstore.com provides a wider variety of literature that includes free and affordable ebooks, courses, and business reports. Smashwords.com offers free and very cheap ebooks crafted by independent authors, who have self-published titles in every genre and category. Barnes and Noble boasts one of the largest bookstores in the world, offering the most sought-after brand-name author and classic titles. Nearly all of Barnes and Noble titles are under $9.99, while they have hundreds of sample reads and free listings. Public libraries have large archives of public domain ebooks and popular fiction and non-fiction titles for free downloading.


The competition is fierce. Amazon, for example, will not be underbid by competitors, and prices their books at or under the other retailers. Consider that mass-market paperbacks cost around $9 and trade paperbacks average $15 while hardback books can cost as high as $30 and more, you begin to see the significant savings when ebooks are routinely prices anywhere from $.99 up to $9.99. The brand name authors and bestsellers are not exclusive from these discounts. Specials are announced ahead of time, especially if you belong to one of the ebook clubs. Mike Elgan declares, "An Amazon Kindle pays for itself after the purchase of 20 or 30 books, then starts paying dividends."


Customers can download reading material from any source that stores ebook files, making them an instant online purchase. There's no wait or transportation involved. Storage space, typically reserved for hundreds or thousands of books kept in a personal or business library, is freed up. A customer does not have to lift or move ebooks, but only store them on their devices. The capacity of many devices can hold a thousand books or more. Readers can makes notes on their e-readers, bookmark pages, and change the background color and type font.

So what are you waiting for? From your computer, iPhone or e-reader device, start purchasing your favorite reading material at huge savings. If you are an avid reader, you will be saving money right away, and with time, you'll reduce your expenditures ten-fold!

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