Helpful financial management apps

4 Apps to Manage Your Finances

by Sam Mauzy

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4 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

With a touch of a button, a person has the world at their fingertips. Whatever they need, an app is probably available. Managing your money is no different when it comes to convenience. In this society, a person needs to be able to manage all incomes and expenses as they occur. There are several financial management apps that make your phone the best tool for you to carry around when it comes to your money. Here are some for you to consider.

Portfolio Mobile Lite

Planning for retirement is a good thing to consider as early as possible. Before you know it, you could be getting that 30-year gold watch from your retirement party at work. However, that is not all you want to have in your retirement portfolio. Portfolio Mobile Lite allows a person to keep up with the newest bits of information concerning stocks while managing your own portfolio. Also, it will not cost a person any money to download it to their phone. There will always be higher yielding stocks that are doing better when everything else is down. When it is a bad time to invest, you know the best time to withdraw. Keep up with your investments wherever you go.

PayPal App

When you are exchanging money in any amount, it can be convenient like a touch of a button from your phone. Forget going to the bank. You do not have to mail a check. Call them and send a person money from your online banking. The PayPal app will let an individual exchange money whenever it is needed and regardless of where a person is. In fact, you and your customer will find it an easy transaction.


If you have more than one financial institution where you do business, it can be very time consuming to keep up with all of the balances in each of the accounts. Well, there is an app to assist you with every account that you have. In the process, you can really save time keeping up with every dollar that is flowing through your accounts. MoneyStrands allows a person to keep all of the variety of balances in a singular place. This makes it easy to keep everything organized. Transactions that are taking place can be seen in this app. Alerts can be placed on the accounts so a person can be aware of any red flags that may arise. The best feature of this app will be found in the price tag. It's free!

Credit Card Expense Manager

The Credit Card Expense Manager is another app worth considering for those who live while making many purchases off their credit cards. Everyone needs to keep up with each transaction so an accurate record may be kept. This app will help make sure that all purchases are recorded properly. This will allow a person to avoid those heavy late fees when they have forgotten to make a payment. Also, it will keep up with those records that show to be fraudulent. Anything to help manage your money is worth the price. The idea is to get out of debt and stay away from high interest. A person will never get out of the avalanche of debt when they have to constantly pay interest to the creditors.

The days of having to make a trip to the office and to the bank are over. Carry it everywhere with you. Manage it whenever you have a free moment. The information that you have in your hand will keep your money managed. You do not have to be a technical individual. Many times, these financial management apps are free. These apps will save you time and money. Not many folks have either to spare. It's your money! Learn to improve your spending habits with these financial management apps. Your pocketbook will thank you!

Sam is a blogger always looking for ways to organize and improve his finances. When not writing, he can be found enjoying the outdoors in sunny Arizona.

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