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Buying a baby stroller can be a difficult task. Naturally, you want the best safety features for your toddler. For this, be sure to check the JPMA safety certification to ensure a quality product. After checking the safety requirement off the list, it may become a bit harder choosing. Taking a quick look at some strollers on the market may make you wonder how to pick the best one.

First, you need to pick the function of your stroller, which generally fall into 3 categories: 1) standard strollers are typically multi-purpose and good for a range of activities; 2) lightweight strollers can be used for travelling easily; and 3) jogging strollers for running.

Aside from the function, you can then look to price, harness points, and stroller weight to differentiate the products. Taking all these factors into account, here are 5 top baby strollers to consider.

Compare All Baby Strollers is a powerful tool for making quick and informed decisions. FindTheBest is an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine that organizes and presents data in a consumer-friendly format so that you can make quick and informed decisions based on what's important to you. What Kayak does for travel, FindTheBest does for the thousands of other decisions in your life.

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