How to save when you buy wallpaper

Finding Deals on Wallpaper

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We just bought a foreclosure. The house is in pretty good shape, but it could use some updating. I'd like to wallpaper a bedroom, kitchen, and maybe a bath. A friend will help me do the work, but I need to find the wallpaper for cheap. Where can I go to get a really good deal on wallpaper?

Check Out Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Visit a Habitat for Humanity Restore. I have purchased high-end double rolls of wallpaper for around $10 to $15. Builders donate unused (still in shrink wrap) wallpaper from jobs, so there is a great selection with all the same lot numbers.

Look for Discontinued Patterns

When it comes to wallpaper, you do get what you pay for it. You can try discount stores like Big Lots or salvage stores, but you have to be careful for lot numbers. If the patterns have to be matched, the lot number doesn't do you any good. Painting the wall is the best for money saving, but I realize it can be a lot of physical work. Sometimes wallpaper stores will have good sales on patterns being discontinued, and you have to be very sure how many rolls you are going to need and add one. I was a landlord for many years and all this information is from my learning experiences.

Find Deals on Wallpaper with Local Carpenters

If you look up local carpenters, you can ask for leftover materials from a big job. They will be happy to sell you high quality wallpaper or paint for significant savings. Don't be afraid to ask. Just make sure you measure the area twice.

Take Your Time to Find a Deal

You may want to try places like a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Big Lots, and even thrift stores. The catch at these places is getting the same lot number to have a complete match of color or design on your papers. More and more liquidators are out there. Home improvement stores close out wallpaper from time to time as well. Be willing to take your time to find a deal. You may want to look at garage sales as well. Nice wallpaper is really pricey. Call local decorators or painters to see if they have overstocks they might part with for a good price.

Search Online for Freebies

My dad used to hang wallpaper in our house that he purchased from bargain bins at paint or wallpaper stores. He also sometimes went to dollar stores to see about getting it cheaper. Nowadays, look on CraigsList or Freecycle in your local area to see if someone is willing to give some away for free! If you know a contractor, sometimes they may be willing to give away whatever they may have left from big construction jobs.

Create Mock Wallpaper

One possibility you might want to consider is mock wallpaper (using paint to create a pattern). There are several techniques for doing this, including sponging, rag-rolling, dragging, and color-washing. Using these techniques, you can layer together two colors for a textured effect. Check the paint section at your local home center and you will probably find free fact sheets on these various techniques. Another way to make faux wallpaper is to use a stencil to add a repeating pattern to a painted wall. (To make this even cheaper, see if you can get a deal on the paint by picking up some "mistints" at the paint counter for a reduced price.)

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