First in, first out pantry storage solutions

Avoiding Pantry Food Waste

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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FIFO Pantry Storage

I am looking for FIFO (first in/first out) pantry storage solutions for my canned goods, but I am not finding storage racks. Lowe's and Menards used to carry pop can racks, but they don't any longer. Is there any place you know of that has storage racks? Or is there some other solution?

Perfect for What You Want

Shelf Reliance created and owns the patent on these shelves. They're perfect for what you want. They're sturdy, easy to assemble, and adjustable.
HPP (via Facebook)

Organize by Date

I store my canned goods on basement shelves. I date (with month and year) before storing and put newer cans behind older ones. I do the same with home canned fruit, jam, etc.

Make Your Own System

You can make your own using a "double decker" fridge soda pack. Just load up an empty carton, and you have a cheap and inexpensive can rotator!

Find Pantry Storage Solutions Online

Check out They offer a lot of organizational tools for the pantry, fridge, and kitchen.

There Are Options Available

I know of two stores, Container Store and Organize-It, that sell the can organizers for FIFO. If you search for beverage or can organizers, you'll find a variety of options, including wire/metal and plastic options.

Expert Advice on Pantry Storage Solutions

I run a local food pantry. We stock newer items in the back just like a store does. This way, the new items are in the back and the older items are in the front. There's no more expired food to throw out. This saves money and time.
Judy in NY

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

On Pinterest, there are many posts with pictures of homemade bins for canned goods. I think there are even some commercial ones in the mix. There is a search bar where "food storage" or "canned food storage" can be typed in, and the entries with pictures should pop up. This site is full of creative ways to solve problems.

All You Need Is Masking Tape and a Permanent Marker

As a chef, I have had to "fifo" for 30 years. All you need is masking tape and a permanent marker. I date virtually everything that goes into the pantry, pulling oldest items to the front. We use a lot of milk style crates that stack on the basement shelves, making it easy to stack in order with oldest on top.

The biggest part is training yourself to not over purchase and to check dates before you open a can/bottle or bag.
Chef Sarah

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