Finding the best juicer

How to Buy a Juicer

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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How to Buy a Juicer

We've been trying to eat healthier. I'd like to start juicing, but we don't have a juicer. There are so many models to choose from. It's confusing! Are there certain things to look for in a juicer? How can I decide what's the best juicer to buy?

Buy a Vitamix Juicer

I use a Vitamix®. It leaves the fiber in it, but liquefies it. It is healthier to have the whole food rather than just the juice.
Serena (via Facebook)

Juicer Research

Let ConsumerSearch do the work for you. Just check out their latest report on juicers to find the best-rated models in different categories (best overall, best value, best for citrus, etc.) and to find more general information about what to look for in a juicer.

Whole Foods Blender Instead of Juicer

Owning a juicer is very expensive. It takes a tremendous amount of fruit or veggies to obtain an eight-ounce glass of juice. You would be better off to consider a whole foods blender like Vitamix® or Ninja®. You get the fiber and other benefits from the fruit and veggies, not just the juice. It is more health friendly, is cheaper as you are using the whole food, and tastes great. These two have numerous recipe ideas and that come with them. The Ninja systems are more budget friendly and come with single blender cups that can process whole foods. You can then snap on a travel lid and go.

Acme Juicer

I have been juicing for over 40 years. My first juicer was a stainless steel "Acme Juicer." It lasted 30 years. I was able to replace it with the same type purchased at a garage sale. Before I replaced the first one (motor burned out) I had tried less expensive brands. A waste of money. They were unable to properly juice carrots, or apples, the "harder veggies." So invest in a life time of health!!

Vitamix Juicer

I used to have a juicer. Until I found out that drinking the fibre from the juiced food is a miracle in itself. Why throw that away? Also, the nutrients are better absorbed when accompanied by fibre. My solution? A Vitamix! Worth every penny. They may be pricier than many but the 7 year warranty, easy cleaning feature, All-American made components and a fabulous company that serves to a healthier lifestyle was enough to convince me to buy one. I've used it almost every day if not more for the past 5 years. I had one problem and they were such a friendly efficient company in fixing it, at no cost to myself (priority shipping included both ways!). Not only can you juice everything (even avocado pits), you can make ice cream, soups, nut butters and whatever else your imagination can serve. Go big, go Vitamix. You won't be sorry! The best juicer out there.

Wouldn't Buy Juicer

If you really want to eat healthier, don't buy a juicer. Buy whole fruit and vegetables and eat the whole thing, including the peels when you can safely do so. Eating the entire fruit and/or vegetable provides more nutrients than juice, including fiber and micro-nutrients that may be lost when you press them in a juicer. You'll save money on a juicer and eat healthier at the same time!
Barbara in CT

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Don't Buy Juicer

If you truly want to be healthier, forget the juicer. You won't get the fiber from your food, nor the texture and taste. Juicing gives you all the calories and none of the pleasure! Plus, you're out the money for the juicer and have to clean up every time you use it.

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