A very sturdy and stable DIY scratching post design

Kitty Condos For Less: A Deluxe Double Scratching Post with Perch

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Make Your Own Cat Scratching Post Cat Sitting on Scratching Post photo from Shutterstock

"H" Hits the Spot

Create a deluxe double scratching post with a perch. Start with two poles, a base and a board for the perch. At a lumber yard, an eight-foot square post is about $11.50. They should cut it in half for you for free. Next, make a base about 18" X 24" and staple a scrap carpet square onto it. Staple carpet squares around the poles as well. Then drill holes through the bottom of the base and use heavy screws to attach the poles in the middle, about a foot apart.

Using another carpet square, cover a 24" by 8" flat board for the perch. Make a simple support with two thick scraps of wood screwed perpendicular to a flat board the same size as the perch. The carpeted board screws onto the support, and then you can secure it to the front side of each pole, connecting them. It will look like an "H" with a high middle bar. This design makes it very sturdy and stable.

To vary the textures, wrap about three feet of thick rope around the top of one pole, about $1.50 at the lumber yard. Top the other pole with a thick wool remnant or other sturdy fabric, stapling it tightly to the pole. Attach various strings and toys for extra fun and excitement.

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