Use a carboard box, wooden spool or wooden crate to make a cheap and easy cat condo

Kitty Condos For Less: Simple and Free Solutions

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Make Your Own Kitty Condo Cat In Cardboard Box Condo photo from Shutterstock

Simple and Free Solutions

Start with an empty cardboard box. Tape the top shut and cut a small rectangular hole in one side. Duct tape carpet squares or scraps to the outside for a scratching spot. You may have to add a heavy can or weight inside to keep the box stable when the cats are scratching. Cats love playing inside boxes, and best of all, it's free.

Another free idea is large wooden spools. Look at local utility companies or even the town dump for those big wooden spools that they wind utility wires around. The spools can be covered with inexpensive carpet and stacked up as high as you like, and you can even cut holes in the center of the larger ones to create kitty hideouts.

A similar idea is using wooden crates. Fasten two wooden crates together, cutting out a large hole on the one side (so it is the only "entrance") and then cover them with scraps of carpet. Some fruit is delivered to grocery stores in wooden crates, and you may be able to get the leftover crates free for the asking.

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