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10 Best Financial Apps

by Marcela De Vivo

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4 Apps to Manage Your Finances

The app world is uniquely crafted and well-suited for a happy marriage with the world of personal finance. In fact, our smartphones have made it easier than ever to keep track of our purchases, manage our debt, and monitor how our spending fits into our overall financial plan.

There are many tools you can use to help you deal with financing and credit card debt. You can also find a multitude of websites that can provide you with tips on debt management. Aside from that, it's true that there are at least a handful of apps for just about every financial issue, and sorting through all of them can be a little time-consuming.

But, let's be honest; that's a good problem to have, and if you own a smartphone, you'd rather have more options than nothing at all. So, if you're the kind of person that likes to have all of your affairs centered onto one device, keeping your financial information on your phone in the form of apps is definitely a no-brainer.

Whatever apps you choose will depend on what kind of financial information or management capabilities you're looking for. Here are 10 of the best for the main financial topics:

  1. - If you have multiple credit cards with rewards or points programs, Wallaby will calculate which card will be the most beneficial for you to use based on where you want to shop. Essentially, pick out the merchant and the app will match up the card for you.

  2. - Mint is basically a financial tracking tool similar to Quicken, but it's free and one of the best available in terms of their user interface and organization.

  3. BlackGold - If you drive often (and for long distances) and you're worried about the price of fuel, you can get a step ahead of the game by keeping an eye on crude oil prices as well as other natural resources. This app is devoted to bringing those figures right to your phone.

  4. Honey - Have you ever tried to find promos or coupons for an online purchase before you hit confirm? Honey will do it for you and will probably be a lot more effective than your own searching attempts.

  5. Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) - This app is a Dave Ramsey style, family-friendly budget system that helps you to set spending limits and create an effective budget between more than one family member.

  6. Your Bank's App - Whoever you bank with (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.), chances are they have an excellent free app that you can download for your banking. Make sure not to overlook this during your search.

  7. PayPal - If you use PayPal, their site has an excellent app, which is a lot quicker and easier to use than the site itself. Give it a try if you have an active PayPal account.

  8. Key Ring - Key Ring lets you keep all your loyalty cards on your phone. That way, you don't have to inundate your key chain with all those little cards.

  9. Shoeboxed - Do you keep all of your receipts in a shoe box? This is pretty much the same idea, as this app allows you to scan all of your paper receipts and then organizes them for you.

  10. Google Wallet - Google Wallet is accepted with more than 200,000 retailers and allows you to tap the scanner with your phone. Choose the card and any special offers that Google might be able to find for you.

Staying Organized

Our smartphones have made it easy for us to collect all of our information into one spot and stay organized, and our finances are certainly one of the bigger pieces of our lives' organizational puzzle.

Find the apps that work for your unique situations and put them to good use. They'll definitely make life a little easier for you in terms of your finances.

Easy-to-use financial management tools are one of the best ways to keep your budget on track. Experts like Elaine McPartland at offer suggestions for pulling everything together when debt starts to tear it apart. Feel free to reach out to her via Google+.

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