A 20-year fitness industry veteran warns us about the underside of the gym industry

Don't Get Gypped at the Gym

Interview by Gary Foreman

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If you are looking to purchase a gym membership, you might want to read Memoirs of a Gym Rat by fitness industry veteran Max Hawthorne first. In his book, Hawthorne shares his 20 years of fitness industry knowledge and exposes the underside of the gym industry you'll never see on a TV commercial. He uncovers everything from the surprising things you might not know about your gym but should, how to research a gym before joining, how to avoid the tricky sales techniques sometimes used by the gym sales reps to make you spend more than you need to, and more.

In this video, Dollar Stretcher editor Gary Foreman interviews Hawthorne about those things we need to be cautious of when evaluating a gym for possible membership.

Max Hawthorne is a personal trainer with 20 years experience in the fitness industry. His book Memoirs of a Gym Rat is available for purchase on his website MemoirsOfAGymRat.com.

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