Toys will be forgotten but they'll always remember a birthday gift of your time!

Low Cost Kid's Birthday Gift Idea: One on One Time

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Low Cost Birthday Gifts - One on One Time Mom and Child in Park photo from Shutterstock

The Birthday Gift of Time

One birthday gift that's always appropriate is a gift of your time. Children will forget almost all of their toys as they grow older. They'll treasure the time you spent with them.

Draw or create a colorful certificate on the computer for a fun activity with you. It could be a trip to the park and a picnic, an outing to a free museum or baking special cookies at your house (enjoy some and let him take the rest home.) Fix his favorite dinner, including his dessert of choice. Play his favorite games. Watch a DVD he enjoys. Special one-on-one time with you beats a new toy any day. Make a certificate for each month for the gift that keeps on giving.

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