A dress-up box is an easy gift idea that will provide them with hours of fun

Low Cost Kid's Birthday Gift Idea: Assemble a Dress Up Box

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Assemble a Dress Up Box

What child doesn't like to play make believe? And, what better way to play make believe than to have a collection of clothing to create your own costumes? A dress up box makes a great birthday gift.

Find or decorate a box and collect various old articles of clothing from your own closet or from the thrift shop that would be good for costume play. A big white shirt belted at the waist worn with his own black pants makes a great pirate costume, while a western shirt and hat turns a pair of everyday jeans into a cowboy outfit. Look for double-duty items like a cape that can be used for a magician, a superhero, or a vampire. Be sure to add appropriate accessories like the pirate eye patch and the magician's hat. Pick these up at huge discounts after Halloween or at garage sales.

The same concept could easily be done for a girl; a variety of castoff fancy dresses and old jewelry would be a delightful treasure for a young princess-in-training. Don't forget pretty sandals or high heels you're tired of. It's a great way to clean out your closets, too!

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