Even for a young child, a walk down memory lane might be the birthday perfect gift

Low Cost Kid's Birthday Gift Idea: Create Memories

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Low Cost Birthday Gifts - Create Memories Woman Scrapbooking photo from Shutterstock

Create Memories

Even when we're young we like to step back and look at our life. Creating that opportunity for your child could be the perfect birthday gift.

Collect videos featuring the child. Software to edit the video is readily available. Kids love to watch themselves, especially when they were babies or playing with older siblings.

Or make a scrapbook storybook of his life. Gather photos of him, his family, friends, pets, special occasions, favorite places and such. Along with an inexpensive notebook, have handy some safety scissors, glue sticks, stickers, colored pens and other decorating tools, and help him make a scrapbook all about him, his favorite people, and the things he likes.

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