Rocks make great free landscape borders that can be used for a lot of different looks

Landscape Borders For Free: Round Up Rocks

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Rock landscape borders for free Rock Border around Planter photo from Shutterstock

Have a Rock Round Up

Rocks make great free landscape borders. The best thing is that they can be found for free. Check out any new neighborhoods going up in your area. This usually involves the builder digging up the land and then raking it flat, which brings up a lot of nice sized rocks. Most builders are happy when your remove these rocks, as they don't have to haul them away. You can enlist the help of family and friends to collect interesting rocks until you have enough to create your border.

You can also walk in the woods, along country roads or dried up creek beds to find all sorts of rocks. Another great source of rocks is a gravel pit. If you bring a shovel and load up the rocks yourself, they will charge you a pittance. You can get a pickup load for $2.50 - $5.00.

When you've collected enough rocks, simply place them in a pleasing pattern where you want your landscape border. Besides being beautiful, you'll have interesting stories about where you found your rocks and how you made your landscape border for free.

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