Tires and rain gutters make for creatively free landscape borders

Landscape Borders For Free: Creative Borders

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Creative landscape borders for free Colorful Tires photo from Shutterstock

Tires and Rain Gutters

Try using recycled tires for your landscape borders. Paul Farber is the author of a book called Tire Recycling is Fun and one of his ideas is to cut the sidewalls off of a used tire, and then cut across the tread. You just need to be careful of the wires if you cut a steel belted tire because they are sharp! This gives you a two to three foot piece of edging that can define your border. Depending on the tire size, they can be up to 6" high, and they are indestructible. They don't rot, dogs don't chew on them, and you can get them free almost anywhere. You could check with local auto repair shops, the local landfill or look in the paper for free ads. Or go online and check out Craigslist or Freeclycle.

Another interesting choice for free landscape borders is old rain gutters. Simply turn them upside down and bury the edges. This creates a nice straight edge and could even be painted to match your home's exterior.

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