Cut logs or old railroad ties make great free landscape borders

Landscape Borders For Free: Log Borders

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Free Landscape Logs Logs Bordering Circular Bed photo from Shutterstock

Free Landscape Logs

For inexpensive borders, use cut logs. You can obtain these for free from arborists, landscape companies, or by looking around in your neighborhood. Anyone who has recently cut down a tree would love to get rid of the logs, usually already cut into three foot lengths. Select large or smaller logs, depending on the length of the landscape border. You can leave them as is, or brush on a clear protective coating to preserve the natural color of the wood and to prevent mold, mildew or insect infestation.

Another source for free landscape border material is old railroad ties. Check with your local railroad offices to see if they give away discarded crossties. A full-size railroad tie is very heavy and large to move, so bring a chainsaw to cut it to the desired lengths. Just a few could provide the free landscape border to beautify your yard.

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