Raised beds from free wood make a very attractive landscape border

Landscape Borders For Free: Raised Beds Borders

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Rasied Beds Borders Raised Beds photo from Shutterstock

Raised Beds Borders

If you would like raised flowerbeds to create an attractive landscape border, start with some free wood. If you work in a large factory or know someone who does, many materials arrive on wooden pallets or are braced by 4x4s and most places let you haul away as much as you want for free. Just notch the 4x4's like Lincoln Logs by using a circular saw and stack them about two feet high. You can also take the pallets apart and build custom-sized beds. The wood is not chemically treated, so it won't harm plants or flowers.

You can also make a raised landscape bed by mounding soil and planting in it. To keep the edges clean, you can use layers of newspaper around the edges of the bed, and plant trailing plants around the edges to cover the paper. In many communities you'll find free mulch for the asking. Usually you do the work, but the mulch is free! Tree services can also dump a load of chips in your yard after they have chipped up a neighbor's tree. Mulch prevents weeds and locks the moisture in the soil for your plants to grow.

You should also let friends and neighbors know that you are building flowerbeds. Often, they have plants that they need to divide, and you can get most of your plants for free! Or divide plants that are already in your yard. Many plants and flowers thrive when they are reduced, like irises, lilies and Hosta plants.

You can form small flowerbeds on the corners of the yard with leftover landscape edging. Just add a long section to the corner, making a triangle, then fill with flowers for a splash of beauty all summer long.

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