Sometimes no border is the best landscape border of all!

Landscape Borders For Free: No Borders

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No Border Is Best Landscaped Backyard photo from Shutterstock

No Border Is Best

Sometimes no border is the best landscape border of all! Dig a 6-8" trench around the area that you want to make into a bed. Use a square-edged shovel or edger tool to get a nice clean line. Next, mound the topsoil from where you want the highest point of the bed to be and slope it down to where the trench starts. Now, after planting your flowers or plants, use pine straw for mulch and cover the bed, including the trench. This has a nice professional appearance and only requires re-edging a couple of times a year. Just push back the pine straw. Using the square shovel, remove any rogue grass growth and redistribute the dirt that will naturally settle with rain/watering. Then tuck the pine straw back in. The result? A totally free landscape border!

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