Building a minimalist wardrobe

5 Ways to Save on Women's Clothing

by Ashli Sweat

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A recent study commissioned by Sure Women has revealed that the average woman spends around $125,000 on clothes in her lifetime. Yet despite spending as much as the cost of a small house, around 60% of women are still finding themselves in the all too familiar territory of having "nothing to wear."

This next scenario will probably sound familiar to you. Your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, but you always seem to wear the same few items on rotation. It may include a few nice tops that you wear with your favorite jeans and a couple of summer dresses that can take you from the beach to a casual restaurant. So rather than overwhelming yourself with a wardrobe that's bulging at the seams, think about paring down that clothing collection. Key items that can be mixed and matched will save you time getting ready each morning and will lower your stress levels (no more "Why don't I have anything to wear?"). Best of all, your minimalist wardrobe will save you money. These tips will help get you started:

  1. Only buy things that you love. Don't purchase anything that you only "like" because if you don't love it in the store, you're probably not going to love it at home.

  2. Think about what you can pair things with before you purchase an item that you love. Think about what's currently in your closet and make sure you already own something that will complement your potential new purchase.

  3. Invest in better quality items that will stand the test of time. Buying a cheap sweater that will quickly wear out and have to be replaced will end up being more expensive in the long run than buying a good quality sweater that will last you for years.

  4. Try to purchase classic items rather than trend items. However, if you must purchase a trend item, work out the "cost per wear." If you're only going to be able to wear that $200 pair of wedge sneakers for one season before they're out of fashion, then consider purchasing a cheaper alternative. However, that classic pair of black pumps will last you for years, so splurging a bit on them makes sense.

  5. Consider your lifestyle before you purchase. Those eight-inch stiletto heels might look fierce in the store, but if you're more of a dinner and movie kind of person, rather than a clubbing until dawn girl, then those stilettos will probably just end up gathering dust at the back of your closet.
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