Use a pricebook so you'll know a good deal when you see one

Uncontrolled Spending? Use a Pricebook

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Estimate the Total

Estimate the cost of each item on your list. Since this is the only place you shop, you should know the prices quite well. If you keep a price book, you will be able to recognize a good deal. The prices of all items in the store are on a cycle; usually 12 weeks. There will be a high point and a low point. Obviously, you want to get the item at the lowest price. Keeping track of items you use frequently in a small notebook or on your smartphone will pinpoint the week it is the cheapest and help you with uncontrolled spending.

Stock up when you find a good bargain. Get creative with storage, even in a small space. For instance, a toy hammock hung from the ceiling will hold lighter weight supplies like paper towels and toilet tissue. Get some strong hooks for the hammock and hide the supplies with a pretty sheet. Store extra food under the bed. Make roll out shelves on wheels for easy removal. Put a piece of wood on the wheels and then screw them in place. Get some boxes with sides or old dresser drawers and store your food. Buy milk and freeze the extra. Let it thaw before use or buy powdered. Add shelves to your walls. Put extra can goods on them. Add curtains or doors to hide the food from guests. Cover your end tables with a nice cloth for extra space to store items. Having enough supplies on hand helps eliminate the need for uncontrolled spending.

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