Don't spend money, make money on this busiest shopping day

Make Money on Black Friday

by Paige Estigarribia

If you haven't actually experienced a Black Friday sale in the store, perhaps you've seen ads and articles about online sales, deep discounts, and doorbusters. Black Friday is one of the most well-known shopping days of the year. Photos of people scrambling through doors and down store aisles, armed with daily ads and shopping lists. I love a good deal! And for the past three years, I've actually shopped and found excellent prices on Black Friday. But as I check this year's prices and circle my ads, I wonder if I could turn it around too? With Black Friday's reputation as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, could us financial-minded folk use that to an advantage and turn that day into one of the best selling days of the year too?

With a mindset of selling over buying, I've brainstormed a few ideas for some interesting things to sell while folks are buzzing and buying on Black Friday:

1. Electronics

Electronics and technology are all the rage. Kids want new ones and adults want new ones. In fact, I've got a few technology items on my own holiday list. But what to do about all those older model techno-gadgets around the house? Do an inventory of what you have. Ask yourself, "Will I be replacing any of these with newer models?" If your answer is yes, consider selling your old electronics to buyback programs, on Craigslist, or on eBay for Black Friday. These places are great avenues for folks who are Black Friday shopping for the electronics gifts on their holiday lists, but they might not want to pay retail prices for those same goods.

2. Clothing and Handbags in Good Condition

If you're like me, before the holidays, I always go through my own closet, as well as my kids' closets, to weed out what we are using and not using, and put aside what we've outgrown. I do this because I know that during the holidays, we always get an influx of more toys and clothes. We only have so much space before things get crowded. But what about that cute designer dress that your daughter only wore once? Or those great designer slacks that are so very cute but just aren't your color? What about the designer handbag you got as a gift three years ago but haven't ever used because you don't like the style? Take these good quality items to consignment stores in time to be sold on Black Friday or try to sell them yourself that day on eBay. eBay is a great marketplace for gently used kid and adult clothing and accessories. And consignment stores offer a great way to get things out of your house, while someone else does the legwork of selling. Black Friday shoppers looking on eBay for deals or shopping the consignment stores for treasures can score big, and you can make money on your stuff!

3. Toys and Old Board Games

My kids accumulate toys like rain in a puddle. So before the holidays, I usually make it a point to go through their toy storages and pull out toys I haven't seen them playing with in a long time. Sometimes they've outgrown the toy, and sometimes it's just a toy that never really got their interest. What about that Barbie doll your daughter got last Christmas and never even opened? Or those old board games from your childhood you keep around, hoping your kids will play someday? eBay can be a great marketplace for some toys and board games. I've actually seen some old board games selling on there for over $50! And why not try to put a brand new or gently used toy on there as well? Black Friday shoppers looking for deals may be thrilled to purchase that unopened Barbie at a discount.

4. And Don't Forget to Try Saving Money on Black Friday Too!

In the spirit of filling your pocketbook rather than emptying it on Black Friday, why not do a few comparisons of your own? Think about comparing the costs of home heating oil in your area. Or look at your area cable and internet providers and make sure you are getting the most for your money. You might even think about comparison shopping your auto insurance. And don't forget about taking advantage of cash back shopping sites for any holiday shopping that you do! Here are 14 favorites we recommend. You can get a check for any online shopping you do, and if you sign up friends, sometimes you can even get bonuses!

Save up to 35% on existing TV, internet, cell phone and home security bills with Shrinkabill.

With all the folks shopping on Black Friday, there are definitely opportunities for selling and saving as well. Hopefully these tips will help you put money in your pocket on Black Friday!

Reviewed November 2017

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