Birthday party games that kids will love!

Games for an 8 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Games for an 8 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

My daughter will be eight in a few months. We're planning a party for her at our home. We'll invite all the children in her class. I need some ideas for great games for the party. Can anyone suggest games that an eight-year-old girl and her friends will love?

Make a Princess Dress from Toilet Paper

There's a game played at bridal showers where you take toilet paper and wrap the girls to create the "prettiest dress." This would be so much fun for little girls! Get a bunch of toilet paper, divide them into teams, and then give prizes for the best princess costume made only from toilet paper.
Bridget (via Facebook)

The Excitement of the Hunt

My kids have always loved a treasure hunt. My method is to think of great hiding places for clues and then write the clues around that.
Karen (via Facebook)

Try This Variation to Musical Chairs

A fun game that my girls love (and have loved for years) is to get a couple of fun toys, candy, lip gloss, etc. and wrap them with some scraps of wrapping paper. I use three to four different kinds of wrapping paper and make about nine to ten layers, wrapping the gift.

The object of the game is to see who will get to unwrap the present. The kids are seated in a circle on the floor. While music is being played, the gift is passed around (no throwing!). When the music stops, whoever has the gift is the person who can unwrap one layer. We usually play at least two different rounds of this.
Donna in Oklahoma

Need Inspiration?

I love the website It has ideas for all ages, not just teens. People post run downs from parties they have thrown and they are sorted by theme and age range. I get tons of awesome ideas for games, decorations, invites, and food. It also gives me inspiration when I'm stuck. Some people go nuts with budget, but if you are planning ahead, you can do a lot with a little.
Crystal (via Facebook)

Don't get overwhelmed with the planning. See Party Planning Without Panic

Who Will Finish First?

Divide guests into two lines facing each other. Pick out two shirts and two pants from your husband's closet. Give each line an outfit. Starting at the first in line, each child must put the outfit on, take it off, and pass it to the next in line. The line who finishes first wins.

Several Games for an 8 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party to Try

Our ten-year-old daughter just had a birthday party, and we had made a princess on poster board. It played "Pin the Hat on the Princess," using double-sided tape. Bobbing for apples is always fun. We found nice, small stuffed animals at the thrift store and put them in a pile and had the kids sit in a circle and shake doubles in dice until everyone got an animal. If they shook doubles again, they could exchange their animal with another player. When 15-20 minutes were up, that is the toy they got to keep, unless there was mutual exchanging going on! Another fun idea is face painting. We also had everyone bring some sort of costume to wear and then gave everyone a prize for different categories, such as most original, prettiest, funniest, etc. They had fun "modeling" their costumes!

Throw a Tea Party!

For my daughter's 8th birthday, we had a "tea party." We made tea hats with ribbons and artificial flowers. Then we took pictures and had a parade. We served tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off, peppermint tea and lemonade, and we served them on pretty dishes with real napkins. It was great fun! All the girls were asked to dress up for the occasion.

A Little Messy, But So Fun!

My father made up this fun game when I was a child. Divide the kids into two teams. Take a long table and cover with plastic wrap and spray whipped cream liberally over the table, making a line on both sides of the table. Use tape to mark a start and finish line. Get a walnut or small ball for each side. Now each player starts rolling the ball with their nose pushing it along. When they get to the finish line, mom will be waiting to take their picture and the next player in line goes. This game gets a lot of giggles from the kids and gives priceless memories in the form of a picture given to their parents. Winners get small prizes, or everybody can get prizes for participating.

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Bring Out Their Creativity

Eight-year-old girls like to make crafts, including necklaces and bracelets. They can make one or a few to take home from the party. You'll need simple beads, chip stones, string, clasps, and a few scissors. A few samples made ahead of the party would suffice as directions. They could also decorate cookies or cupcakes. They could also play games that involve designing clothes or hair styles.

Have Some Beautiful Fun

For a girl, I would throw a "Makeup Party" or "Salon Party." Let them do manicures and pedicures on each other.

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