You don't need to buy a Kindle

Turn Your Computer into an Ebook Reader

by Rich Finzer

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Why Ebooks Are the Frugal Choice

With the possible exception of the "smart phone," there's probably no electronic device as ubiquitous as the ebook reader. And in the world of ebook reader devices, none are more popular than those sold by Amazon. Any of these little gizmos let you download books and other content directly from the Amazon's website. If purchased new, at a minimum, that little gizmo will nick you in the neighborhood of $100 plus the sales tax. Ouch! Throw in a carrying case, screen protector, and warranty coverage and you're looking at an initial out-of-pocket cost of nearly two C-notes. And keep in mind that those expenses only cover the hardware. Tack on the cost of ebooks, a "Prime" membership, online magazine subscription, or other enhancements and you'll understand why photos of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos always show him smiling.

So what's a dedicated frugalmeister to do? Well, why not skip buying the hardware and turn your desktop PC, laptop, or tablet into an ebook reader! It's easy and here's how to do it.

Click on the Amazon link here and download the Kindle app for free!

Admittedly, you won't want to read everything you download while sitting at your desktop, but you can still curl up on the couch or read in bed using your laptop or tablet. And with the money you've just saved, maybe you can afford to download a few ebooks like some of mine.

Rich Finzer resides in upstate New York. During his 43 years as a writer, he has published nearly 1,100 newspaper, magazine and Internet articles. His award winning book, Maple on Tap is available from his publisher; Acres USA. His two novels, Taking the Tracks and Julie & Me, are available from Amazon Kindle.

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